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Smart AEDs increase the chance of survival in case of a cardiac arrest


Discover the digital possibilities to deploy AEDs faster and more sustainable


Sensors have been placed on the cabinets, so that the AEDs can be monitored 24/7 and opened automatically from the dispatch center


There is always an operational AED available and citizen responders come to the scene faster, which increases the chances of survival

1. Challenge

AEDs are important devices in the deployment of citizen responders in case of a cardiac arrest. Therefor it is extremely useful te deploy an AED as quickly as possible. On the other hand a sustainable solution is also very desirable. We discovered digital solutions in these principles and instructed our partner Defibtech to develop a solution for deploying AEDs faster and more sustainable.

2. Solution

The employability of an AED is partly determined by the status of the battery and electrodes. Elements such as temperature and humidity have a major influence on this. Which can cause that an AED might not work, just in the crucial moment when you really need it.

Therefor it is desirable that AEDs can be monitored accurately. Stan can monitor distant AEDs 24/7 using sensors that are placed on the AED cabinets and connected with LoRa Technology.

Citizen responders experience less stress, because the AED cabinet is unlocked automatically from the dispatch center. As a result you no longer have to enter the PIN code, which saves a lot of delay time on opening the cabinet now.


What is LoRa Technology?

LoRa Technology makes it possible for abjects to communicate with the internet, without the use of 4G or WiFi. This makes it possible to communicate in two directions (bi-directional). Moreover, it has a wide reach, with little battery consumption.

3. Results

At the moment 1,000 AED cabinets are equipped with LoRa-technology. Thanks to this IoT appliance citizen responders are faster on site and we know in advance wether an AED is employable. This only increases the chance of survival!