Real time monitoring, communications and enhanced functionalities

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Stan Connect

In addition to the alerting system and AED database, Stan Connect provides an expanded set of functionalities by exploiting mobile handsets’ capabilities: location of caller, real time monitoring of citizen responders and AEDs, real time bi-directional communication with callers, and more.


Stan Connect includes the following real time features:


Direct Emergency Link

Connect the caller into a secured session, through a browser-based multilingual interface, without the need of any download.


Field resources monitoring

Live tracking of geofenced available and deployed resources, such as citizen responders and AEDs en-route.


Geolocation and Tracking

Locate the caller, and trigger tracking of his/her detected position (over the emergency call).


Texting and Media Communications

Bi-directional smart CHAT communication with caller, by exchanging textual data, such as free-text and pre-configured interview questions (with rapid selection over multiple-choice answers) and digital content exchange, such as picture sharing.


Map-based Operational interface

Aggregate informational streams, maintain full government, and monitor live operations and feedbacks. An ergonomic front-end designed for emergency call takers.


Multi-lingual environment

In support of emergency calls from foreigners/tourists, impaired or disabled people, as well as interaction in case of silent calls.

Multi-tenant solution

A secure collaborative environment able to address cooperative functional scenarios among horizontal and vertical public safety organisations, who need to transfer data or to request to step in an established session.

Enhanced statistics

Track arrival time of citizen responders and AEDs.