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HeartsafeLiving is the first organisation in the Netherlands that alerts people via iWatch

June 13 2016

Recently HeartsafeLiving executed a migration to a new technical system. This makes HeartsafeLiving the first alerting system in the Netherlands that can also send alerts via iWatch.

In addition it is now possible for the emergency dispatch center to communicate bi-directional. In this way, the alerting proces can be monitored by the emergency dispatch center or even canceled when necessary.

Because of the foreign developments of HeartsafeLiving the new technical application is built in a way that alerting abroad is also possible.

Furthermore a few functionalities for citizen responders are developed in the app and within the volunteers’ account. Citizen responders now can see nearby AEDs, as well as spot AEDs that are not registered in the system yet, in order to add them if possible.

HeartsafeLiving is a technical application that alerts volunteers (citizen responders) that are nearby a victim of a cardiac arrest. They receive an alert via their mobile phone or smartphone. Some of the citizen responders that accept the alert go directly to the victim, others retrieve an AED first after which they go the victim. The application is attached to the emergency dispatch center for ambulance care. Thanks to the HeartsafeLiving system citizen responders can be on the spot quickly to resuscitate someone, awaiting the ambulance.