Discover the added value of citizen responders!

Stan offers a strong network of citizen responders and available AEDs. This ensures a higher chance of surviving a cardiac arrest in your neighbourhood.

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Citizen responders have impact

In case of a cardiac arrest the first six minutes are crucial. Every minute the assistance starts later, decreases the chance of survival by 10%. From the moment someone gets a cardiac arrest the time starts ‘ticking’. This puts a lot of pressure on ambulance services all over the world.

Citizen responders are therefor a valuable addition to the professional emergency services. They can make the difference between life and death. Fast alerting and deployment of citizen responders for cardiac arrest victims. That is what Stan is all about:

   ✓   Offer quick help within the first six minutes after cardiac arrest
   ✓   Higher chance of survival for victims of a cardiac arrest
   ✓   Partner in knowledge about citizen assistance, resuscitation and AED deployment
   ✓   Handle personal data in a secure way

We unite technology with people

Stan brings together technology and people. We deliver our technical platform for resuscitation and AED assistance to dispatch centers all over the world. Our years of experience have ensured that we now are the largest player within the domain of citizen assistance. We are proud of that and we like to tell you more about this theme.

For example by sharing our knowledge or by working together on IoT-solutions, such as below. Do you have a question about this theme? Please contact us!


A good alerting systeem makes a difference when using citizen assistance for calamities. The Internet of Things offers us endless possibilities, that’s what we also notice at Stan. And that effect is increased with sufficient AEDs and citizen responders. For example, we have developed Smart AEDs, which is not only a smart but also a sustainable solution.

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What is the Internet of Things?

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) devices are connected to each other and can communicate with each other or with computers, via the internet. Even more simply: we can solve problems from a distance. For example it is possible to predict the maintenance of AEDs, even before problems arise and even before it is really needed. The IoT also increases the efficiency of our services and solutions which results in visible achievements.

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Features and functionalities

View the technical functionalities of the system below:

Route description

Citizen responders receive a route description on their smart phone


Select the areas for alerting via geofences


Possibility for dispatch center to cancel an alert (e.g. when the dispatcher gets new information)

Monitoring AEDs

Online monitoring of the employability of AEDs and cabinets


Only available AEDs and citizen responders can be alerted and deployed

Spotting AEDs

Built-in AED spotter to add new AEDs to the network

Maintenance notifications

Receive notifications when the shelf life of the battery and accumulator is about to expire


Receive details about the resuscitation via qualitative and quantitative questionnaires, that are filled in by the citizen responder


View detailed statistics about alerts, citizen responders and AEDs

SSL security

SSL certificate for safe connections to the alert system, the dashboard and app


Daily back-up of all data

Are you interested in the differences between the automated version and the webbased version of our alert system? View the differences at Implementation.