Partners of Stan

At Stan our focus is 100% on the things we are good at. In addition, we work with experienced partners, so that we can support you optimally at all times.

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Partners we work with


Stan is a partner of Philips in the Connected Pulse program. Connected Pulse aims to  develop a scalable solution that will increase bystander CPR, the use of publicly-available AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) and incorporate new technologies and latest science – driven programs to strengthen the chain of survival from the moment of a cardiac arrest to the time the victim reaches the hospital.


Volvo Cars

In rural areas it can be challenging to have an AED on site quickly. Therefor we started a collaboration with Volvo Cars to make every effort to get an AED on site quickly, regardless of where someone lives, or where the victim is. This project is called Lifesaver. This is entirely in line with the vision of Volvo, for whom the aim is that from 2020 drivers and passengers no longer can get a fatal accident or become seriously injured in a new Volvo.

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Ambulancezorg Nederland

In the Netherlands all dispatch centers are integrated to the alert system HartslagNu. Ambulancezorg Nederland (Ambulance Care the Netherlands) represents all dispatch centers in the Netherlands. Together with Ambulancezorg Nederland we merged two alert systems into one alert system nationwide.

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Dutch Heart Foundation

For the Netherlands Stan works closely with the Dutch Heart Association. By combining their and our expertise, we can guarantee a national system for citizen assistance during resuscitation and AED use. We collaborate to organize the alert system  in a clear way and to embed it in society in a sustainable way. Consider for example the retention of citizen responders and AEDs. 

Defibtech Netherlands

Defibtech Nederland is one of the largest AED providers and a pioneer in the development of the AED cabinet. By means of M2M connectivity we have together made it possible to open their AED cabinets remotely (from the dispatch centre). The cabinet is also monitored to gain insight into the predisposition of the AED. This technology is available within the alert system, which ensures faster deployment of an AED and is a sustainable solution for storing the AED under the best possible conditions.

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