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Fast emergency response in calamities

From fire to cardiac arrest, from natural disaster to (business) accident. No matter what happens, Stan offers the facilities to help emergency response get going in a fast and structured way. Companies and organisations profit from Stan for their own safety. Additionally, they provide an important societal contribution.

Stan the CPR network

In case of cardiac arrest, CPR within six minutes is vital. Unfortunately, ambulances often take longer to reach a particular location. In case of cardiac arrest, citizen responders are vital. Stan the CPR network facilitates this and calls on all companies and organisations to: give your employees the space to be a citizen responder.

Stan the safety staff

With Stan the safety staff, you can act quickly in case of calamities on the workfloor. In case of accidents and emergencies, the safety staff system notifies the ERT present. The system sends the ERT with the required competences to exactly the right place to offer immediate help and care. If necessary, Stan the safety staff also provides external notifications.

Stan the response team

Focused effort, registration and monitoring of healthcare professionals. Full automation of the deployability of medical care providers, fire brigade, disaster teams and safety teams. In case of calamities, disasters and accidents, the professional aid organisation quickly and easily notifies all available, required and capable first responders.

Stan the security crowd

Improve the safety in public transport. Public transport employees are often on their own on the road. In case of verbal or physical aggression, you call on help and assistance via Stan the security crowd with one push of a button. A safe feeling for every driver, conductor or ticket inspector.

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