An accident, calamity or medical emergency can happen at any time, including in your company. With Stan, (semi) professional citizen/first response is always close.

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Businesses & Organisations

Always ready for calamities with Stan

If there is an emergency situation, Stan raises the alarm. Alerts are sent to volunteer first responders who can often rapidly provide first aid. And custom alerts for (semi) professional first responders, the exact number desired, with all necessary competencies available in the region at that time.

Business with heart for the people

For businesses
Do you want your business to work with care for your employees and have heart for your guests, visitors, relations and clients? Then take responsibility for a safe, secure environment.

For emergency services
Accidents happen and calamities occur. When something happens it’s vital to have help arrive as soon as possible. Stan sends out targeted and competency-based alerts to all available and required first responders within your emergency service.

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Be there for people in need
Tens of thousands of volunteer first responders are there for people in need. People like you and me, young and old. Volunteer first responders immediately react to an alert to provide aid to people in the vicinity.

Are you on Standby too?
Whatever is happening, Stan alerts volunteers in the area to provide help until emergency services arrive and take over. Are you on Standby too?

I become Stan responder

The mission of Stan Global is optimal response in case of calamities and (medical) emergency situations. Stan the CPR network aims for CPR within 6 minutes in case of cardiac arrest. For the optimal deployment of ERTs on the work floor, there is Stan the safety staff. Stan the response team offers the perfect tool for the deployment of healthcare professionals and Stan the security crowd facilitates notification in case of emergencies in public transport.