Stan offers help to people in need; with CPR, in calamities, disasters and accidents. Everywhere: within companies, during events and in public transport

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About Stan

Stan, citizens always standby to help

With Stan, assistance is always close in case of an emergency. From cardiac arrest to calamity, from accident to threat, via Stan, people in the immediate area provide assistance. Helping people, that’s the DNA of Stan.

Alert people
Where is the emergency? How much help is desired? And what skills should the citizen responders have? The ingenious Stan system alerts and notifies exactly the right citizens responders for any situation.

Citizen responders
Tens of thousands of people are standby for you in the Netherlands in case of an emergency. Professionals and citizen responders who respond immediately if their help or care is desired. That’s the Stan network.

Standby to help
Responders at Stan are always standby to help for performing CPR (the CPR network), for calamities at work (the safety staff), for the use of (semi-) professional assistance (the response team) and with threatening situations in public transport (the security crowd).