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HeartsafeLiving and Priority Dispatch announce collaboration

April 2015

HeartsafeLiving (Stan since 2018) and Priority Dispatch Corp™ (PDC), the world leader in emergency dispatch technology, including ProQA™ software, announce their cooperation to globally improve the survival rate of individuals experiencing sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The first six minutes are absolutely crucial in the event of SCA with life literally hanging in the balance as they wait for EMS response to arrive on-scene. Together with PDC’s ProQA we will bridge the gap through a process combining the efficiency of two significant interventions.

ProQA maximizes the first response at the emergency communication center through scripted Pre-Arrival Instructions (PAIs) within the Medical Priority Dispatch System™ (MPDS®).

The collaboration links the Alert System directly to ProQA, and in the event of a cardiac arrest alert received by the dispatch center, ProQA will notify volunteers automatically by text message or by the HeartsafeLiving App.

“The arrangement complements the companies’ analogous goals,” says PDC Senior Vice President Ron McDaniel. “The ProQA system brings greater awareness of the HeartsafeLiving to dispatch centers worldwide,” he continues. “Together, we are taking a global step to improve survival rates for the victims of sudden cardiac arrest.”

About PDC

PDC provides products and training for emergency dispatch centers using a comprehensive systems approach. The protocol systems (Medical, Fire, and Police Priority Dispatch Systems, and the Emergency Center Nurse System [ECNS]) have gained international credibility from 35 years of testing, research, and user input. The system is available worldwide in 21 languages and is used in 45 countries including: Malaysia, China, Australia, Brazil, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, Qatar, Canada, and the U.K.