Become Stan responder

Register now as an Stan responder. Whether you are a company, aid organisation, healthcare professional, citizen responder or ERT employee, everyone benefits from Stan.

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Become Stan responder

Register now as a Stan responder. Whether you are a company, aid organisation, healthcare professional, volunteer first responder or ERT employee, everyone benefits from Stan. Depending on your competences, you can register with one of our networks

Are you a citizen responder? Stan the CPR network!

Are you trained in CPR? Or would you like to learn CPR and be available for first aid in case of cardiac arrest? Register now with Stan the CPR network. We’re looking for lots of citizen responders who want to and can provide CPR in case of cardiac arrest. As a citizen responders, you will be notified by app or text message when someone in your area suffers cardiac arrest. You provide first aid by means of manual CPR or CPR with the AED until the ambulance arrives.

I’d like to register as citizen responder

Are you an ERT employee? Stan the safety staff!

Imagine, you have been trained as an ERT employee for your job. Then you know exactly what to do when you are called to provide first aid by the Stan app or text mesage. You provide first aid when you are being called both at your own employer and at connected companies. But what if your employer isn’t connected to Stan? You can also participate: register personally as an ERT employee at Stan the safety staff.

Are you a (semi) healthcare professional? Stan the response team!

As a healthcare professional, helping people in need is in your blood. You have important competences that are very useful outside of your immediate work, such as in case of disasters or major accidents. Stan facilitates aid organisations. Doesn’t your employer work with Stan yet? You can also register as a healthcare professional. Participate and help!

Are you a special investigating officer? Stan the security crowd!

Verbeter jij de veiligheid in het openbaar vervoer? OV-medewerkers staan er onderweg vaak alleen voor. Bij verbale of fysieke agressie alarmeer je via Stan the security crowd met één druk op de knop hulp en assistentie. Dit kun jij zijn. Een veilig gevoel voor elke chauffeur, conducteur of controleur.

Do you improve safety in public transport? Transit workers are often alone on the road. When verbal or physical aggression occurs, you can alert Stan the security crowd easily with one-touch for help and assistance. This could be you. A safe feeling for every driver, conductor or inspector.

Can I register for multiple networks?

Yes, you can. As a healthcare professional or ERT employee, we are happy to welcome you as a Stan responder in your spare time. And part-time healthcare professionals can also be active as ERT employees, for instance. Stan has one database with connected citizen responders. Once you’ve registered, you can easily expand your competences in your personal profile.

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