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Features within the app

16 October 2019

CPR alert!

This is what the app is all about: sending push notifications when there is a resuscitation alert in your area. In the call you immediately see the location of the victim. You reply the alert whether you are going to the victim or not. This makes it possible to monitor who is going on site and can respond to this with the help of Stan Connect.


AEDs nearby

For citizen responders, it is nice to know where an AED is in their area. That way they can prepare themselves for a future alert. If you receive an alert, you will either be sent directly to the victim or retrieve an AED first. Because of the specific location information in the app, the citizen responders are well prepared.


Latest alerts

The history of resuscitation alerts is visible in the app and in the dashboard. From there you can complete the questionnaire and look back to former alerts.


Results in the environment

Find out the amount of citizen responders in your environment and see how many alerts you have had.


Everything at hand

Citizen responders can easily manage their profile and availability in the app. When they arrive at an incident they can show their volunteer passport, known that you are a citizen responder.