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AEDs quickly on the spot in rural areas

In rural areas it can be challenging to have an AED on site quickly. Therefor we started a collaboration with Volvo Cars to make every effort to get an AED on site quickly, regardless of where someone lives, or where the victim is. This is entirely in line with the vision of Volvo, for whom the aim is that from 2020 drivers and passengers no longer can get a fatal accident or become seriously injured in a new Volvo. Stan is happy with this collaboration, because this way AEDs can arrive faster on the resuscitation location, thanks to smart technology. 

Currently, we are in the pilot phase, in which 20 Volvo drivers are participating.


AED in the car

Participants in the pilot have received an AED in their car and have taken CPR training. This makes them a ‘Lifesafer’ and withal an AED is quickly delivered at the incident.



Quickly on the spot in case of an alert

When the Volvo is within a radius of 6 minutes from the resuscitation location, the driver receives an alert via the ‘Volvo on Call’ system and is navigated immediately to the resuscitation location. People participating in the Volvo pilot, have completed a comprehensive training on driver skills so they can get fast and safe on site to provide assistance.