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Support, management and aftercare for HartslagNu


The execution of support, management and aftercare for HartslagNu


Clear working methods


Valuation of satisfaction of citizen responders with 8 points! (on a scale of 1 to 10)

1. Challenge

Following the merger of the two alert systems HeartsafeLiving (now Stan) and HartslagNu and in addition to supplying the technology, Stan received an assignment to execute the daily support, management and aftercare for HartslagNu. This means that citizen responders who have questions can contact the Support department of HartslagNu to request for help and/or receive aftercare, if desired. In addition this means managing more than 260,000 citizen responder accounts.

2. Approach

First of all it is important that citizen responders are listened to when they need aftercare. Employees who provide aftercare have received training for this. Our aftercare process is structured in the following way:

  1. First aftercare conversation: within 24 hours 
  2. Second aftercare conversation: after one week
  3. Third aftercare conversation: after two weeks

An aftercare conversation usually takes place by telephone, but it is also possible to meet the citizen responder in person.

In addition to this more than 260,000 accounts must be managed daily. All owners of these accounts can turn to the support department for help requests. Citizen responders want to get in touch quickly and get help through multiple routes. Therefor many processes are automated, so that the support services continue to run smoothly. This concerns for example the automation of repeated activities through a full workflow in which the frontend and backend systems are interconnected.

3. Results

In order to measure wether the Support department is performing its tasks properly a research with regard to satisfaction is regularly conducted. It focuses on the service provided with contact, the extent to which people receive support after an alert, but also the usability of the current app and dashboard. The research shows a score of 8 on a scale of 1 to 10!


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