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General Terms and Conditions


The following terms, names and meanings are used in these general terms and conditions, unless otherwise indicated:

  • Stan: the brand name that is used for all forms of Stan alerting, upscaling and emergency assistance facilitated by the alerting technique and system of the website of Stan namely:
  • Stan the safety staff: interactive technical platform with alerting, identification and upscaling system that allows Stan organisations to monitor, alert and/or upscale their internal Company Emergency Response organisation, using external Stan emergency service providers and link smoke detectors and other devices.
  • Stan the response team: interactive technical platform with alerting, identification and upscaling technique for GGB deployment of among other things ambulance care, fire brigade, Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management etc. The platform is intended to be able to upscale quickly, flexibly and in a competence-oriented manner from the entire care and assistance chain in case of large-scale emergencies.
  • Stan the CPR network: interactive technical platform for alerting Stan emergency service providers with resuscitation and AED competencies and for increasing the chances of survival of victims of a circulatory arrest in their direct surroundings by already starting resuscitation while awaiting the emergency services.
  • Stan application: a technical, interactive platform for quick, flexible and competence-oriented alerting and upscaling in case of emergencies
  • Stan emergency service provider: a person who is registered with his/her specific competences in the database of one of the alerting platforms of Stan with the intention of making themselves available in case of emergencies for assistance activities that are in line with his/her competencies.
  • Emergency: an unintended, undesirable situation or event that has an impact on the wellbeing, safety and / or stability of persons, community or society, in short on the quality of life and wellbeing.
  • Emergency location: a location in the direct vicinity of an alerted Stan emergency service provider where an emergency is occurring or has just occurred. This could be an adjacent care or other institution, business premises or place in the public space.
  • Deployment coordinator: the person who receives and manages Stan emergency service providers at the emergency location. This might be for example the head of the Company Emergency Response of a care institution who has been designated to assume the coordination alerting, evacuation and/or emergency assistance.
  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation. This is the European regulation which will replace the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp) from 25 May 2018.

Article 1: General objectives and activities of the organisation

Stan is a technical platform that alerts Stan emergency service providers during their working hours or leisure time at the moment an emergency occurs within their direct living and/or working environment (such as a fire, water nuisance or cardiac arrest) for the purpose of providing assistance while awaiting the emergency services and/or to keep assisting the emergency services. The system can request by means of a push message, voice message or text message, one or more connected Stan emergency service providers requesting them to provide support (such as helping evacuate people). Such a call-up can be made manually by means of an institution affiliated with Stan, but it can also be done fully automatically from the central control room pursuant to a 112 call. The Stan alert can be sent both during the day and at night, depending on the availability indicated by you as Stan emergency service provider.

The average arrival time of the emergency services differs from area to area and may increase as the regions become less populated. At the same time, emergencies demand very quick interventions in order to avoid escalations and guarantee the safety of bystanders. Being able to anticipate immediately or within several minutes by starting cleaning up, putting out fires, intervening, resuscitating or giving first aid can reduce the impact and/or consequences of a situation and prevent unnecessary victims. The Stan alert system saves valuable time and can ensure that professional emergency service providers start combating the emergency and/or de-escalation of the situation faster and in a more targeted manner. Being able to act and upscale quickly in case of emergencies in public spaces and it can contribute to the limitation of undermining crime and/or the sense of public safety. Starting an evacuation quickly under the leadership of the head of the Company Emergency Response team can prevent unnecessary victims. The Stan emergence service provider, who has the right competencies for controlling the incident, is called to provide assistance while awaiting the arrival of professional emergency services.

Article 2: Applicability

These general terms and conditions apply to the registration, alerting and activities of all Stan emergency service providers with their own unique deployability and valuable competencies.

Article 3: Intellectual Property

Following registration, you will be allowed to profile yourself as a Stan citizen emergency service provider, if such contributes to the general social interest in the area of the promotion of citizen emergency assistance. Intellectual property rights and the right of use concerning the Stan brand are and remain the property of Stan BV.

Article 4: Privacy

  1. To become a citizen responder, you can register on the Stan website, where you will be asked to provide certain personal data. Stan handles all personal data in your profile with care and in accordance with applicable national and European legislation, such as the GDPR.
  2. We request and process only the information that is needed to be able to provide, develop and improve our services, whereby we comply with the Personal Data Protection Act.
  3. The nature of the personal data we process, the manner in which we do this and the manner in which we protect this information against its acquisition by third parties has been laid down carefully by us as included in the public notifications register of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA).
  4. In several regions and municipalities, Stan has partnerships with regional organisations which, like Stan, are dedicated to the public interest. Stan is authorised to contract all or part of the management of your registration out to a Stan partner organisation, provided Stan has an agreement with a partner organisation in your region. See www.thecprnetwork.com/partners.
  5. Stan partner organisations have the same obligations as Stan and conclude a partner agreement to that effect, stating that they will observe all statutory provisions arising from national and European legislation.
  6. In the event that a partner organisation engaged by Stan fails to fulfil its duties under that agreement, Stan’s liability for direct or indirect damage or loss incurred by the party incurring the damage or loss will be limited to the amount recoverable by Stan under the agreements with the partner organisation and actually recovered by Stan from the partner organisation, unless this damage or loss was due to wilful misconduct or gross negligence by Stan.
  7. Stan partner organisations have Admin User Accounts with limited rights of access and management to select data from the Stan responders’ database. Within this digitally protected environment, they will only perform the management tasks that are necessary for the partnership, in accordance with the purpose for which you provided your data and only for your own region.
  8. If you do not wish your registration with the related data to be managed by a regional partner organisation, please send an e-mail by completing the contact form on our website.
  9. Stan will ensure that third parties are unable to identify you as a Stan emergency service provider.
  10. We verify and process your data when you register as emergency service provider. The same applies to the diploma’s you have indicated. This concerns for example (the validity of) your Company Emergency Response certificate and/or your EHBO/resuscitation course, or aftercare and support when you have been deployed for citizen emergency assistance.
  11. You indicate the times when you can be deployed when you register as a Stan emergency service provider. This information is required to be able to call up the right emergency service providers in case of an emergency, The location details you have stated (and if the App is used, the location data processed automatically) ensure that only those citizen emergency service providers who are in the direct vicinity of the emergency are alerted.
  12. The App of Stan, which you as a Stan can install on your smart phone, ensures that the Stan platform is able to alert Stan emergency service providers who are in the direct vicinity of an emergency on the basis of the processed location details.
  13. Your location is monitored as long as you are logged into the App. This process ends immediately when you log out or remove the app.
  14. Your position is passed on and if necessary overwritten for targeted Stan alerting in case of an emergency situation only if you logged in and have set the functionality to available.
  15. We store only the last known location of the location data that are processed automatically for as long as you are logged in. Monitoring stops automatically once you log out and your data are never stored.
  16. Unless express approval has been obtained in advance, personal data are not used for any purpose other than for the activities described in article 1 of these conditions, sending the newsletter, for our own internal research purposes, or for contacting you otherwise.
  17. In case of an actual Stan alert, we use your personal data to offer aftercare and support. This depends on the degree to which the Stan alert has led to deployment in your case.
  18. Deregistering from the newsletter can be done using the link at the bottom of the newsletter.
  19. The login details that are obtained during registration are personal. It is important that you store them carefully and that you do not share them with or transfer them to third parties.
  20. Stan does not transfer the data of Stan emergency service providers to third parties without the express approval of the emergency service provider unless this is necessary to perform the activities for which purpose the data were collected.

Article 5: Registration as Stan emergency service provider

  1. You can apply and register via the website of Stan whereby you accept these general terms and conditions.
  2. You can include various competencies in your registration, including:
  • Company Emergency Response (BHV) certificate
  • Fire and evacuation certificate
  • Resuscitation and AED certificate
  • First Aid certificate
  • Life Saving Action (LRH)
  1. When you register as Stan emergency service provider you do provide information in good faith and you do not knowingly and willing provide incorrect information concerning recognised diploma’s and certificates that are issued following training and related examination.

Article 6: Alerting and deploying Stan emergency service providers

  1. You may be alerted by text message and/or app alert if you reside in a (safety) region where the relevant Ambulance Services control room and Stan have concluded a cooperation agreement.
  2. You may be alerted if you use the Stan app and are ‘available’ in another region provided you are located near an emergency on the basis of your location details.
  3. If you use the Stan app, have Bluetooth switched on and are ‘available’, you may be identified by Stan beacons in (the direct vicinity of) an institution, such as a hospital, school or care facility connected to Stan or in case of an emergency.
  4. If you are alerted you indicate whether you will or you will not go to the emergency. In case of a positive response you go to the location of the emergency to provide support as quickly as possible.
  5. A deregistration message is sent to the other emergency service providers once a sufficient number of Stan emergency service providers are on their way. If you have registered as a citizen emergency service provider, you can be alerted 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Are there moments at which you do not wish to be alerted? If so, you can easily change your status with one action by moving the status button from ‘available’ to ‘not available’.
  6. Stan is a voluntary system. You always have the right not to respond to the call up. You do not go to the emergency if you do not wish or if you are unable to provide assistance. You can also deregister at any time. Your data are fully removed if you do.
  7. As a Stan emergency service provider you are personally responsible for assessing whether you are able to respond to a call-up and render assistance. It is of course the case that, for example/non-exhaustively, as an emergency service provider you are unable to respond to a call-up if you are under the influence of narcotics, substances that (can) influence your ability to react, your psychological condition does not allow for it or in case of other circumstances with the same effect.
  8. Stan does not accept any liability or responsibility as regards the assessment referred to in paragraph 8 as to whether you are able to respond to a call-up and render assistance.
  9. If possible and available several Stan emergency service providers are alerted at the same time for each emergency.
  10. You must always comply with the applicable legislation and regulations when you have been called up and you are on you way to the emergency. The privacy rules, including the privacy of evacuees or victims, and the traffic rules in particular must be observed at all times.
  11. Make sure that you do not create dangerous situations.
  12. Make sure that you do not place yourself in dangerous situations.
  13. Stan only wishes to deploy emergency service providers when this is responsible. You are only alerted and deployed in case of emergencies that fit your competencies and in situations that have been assessed as safe.
  14. The frameworks for alerting and deployment described in paragraph 14 are complied with because the Stan alert technique makes targeted alerting possible.
  15. You are strongly discouraged from using a car from the perspective of safety. The relevant address of the emergency is always so close that walking or using a bicycle is the safest and fastest way of travel.

Article 7: Costs

Stan does not reimburse expenses or travel expenses or any other expenses incurred by the Stan emergency service provider.

Article 8: Knowledge on the part of emergency service providers

You do not need specific knowledge or training for participation in Stan. You only have to be willing to help and be committed. You can register any medical and/or emergency service competencies that you do have when you register via the website of Stan.

Article 9: Responsibility, liability, indemnification and insurance

  1. Stan is responsible for the proper operation of the technique for performing the alerting and for facilitating the deployment of citizen emergency service providers.
  2. Once you as a Stan emergency service provider arrive at the location of the emergency you will be received by the deployment coordinator who acts on behalf of an organisation or institution. You can inform this person immediately of your medical and/or emergency service competencies.
  3. As a Stan emergency service provider you are obliged to comply with the directions and instructions of the deployment coordinator at the location of the emergency.
  4. If you are active as a Stan responder, you must act with care and attention, not act unlawfully and exercise the level of care which an average attentive, careful and competent first responder would have exercised in similar circumstances. This care and attention must also be observed in respect of privacy-sensitive information you may hear or see about the victim, any relatives and/or others involved while responding to a call. That is your responsibility.
  5. During your deployment as Stan emergency service provider you are always insured against statutory liability in the event damage occurs at the location of the emergency as a result of your actions as described further in articles 9.6, 9.7, 9.8 and 9.9.
  6. Organisations affiliated with Stan, such as care and other institutions, have taken out business liability insurance, which covers both damage caused by their own employees as well as damage caused by any Stan emergency service providers present inside the organisation.
  7. The municipalities affiliated with Stan have taken out group volunteer insurance that offers cover subject to conditions against the liability of volunteers (such as Stan emergency service providers) whose activities serve a social interest without receiving anything in return.
  8. Stan has taken out liability insurance to cover the risks of the actions of Stan emergency service providers that cause damage during the direct performance of emergency service activities as a result of the alert.
  9. Stan’s liability is always limited to the amount that is paid to Stan by its insurer in the relevant case increased by Stan’s excess.

Article 10: Applicable law and disputes

All agreements concluded with Stan and to which these general terms and conditions apply are governed by Dutch law. The courts in Almere are competent with respect to all disputes that arise in connection with such agreements.

Article 11: Amendments and Filing

These general terms and conditions may be amended by Stan and will be published on the website. We will of course notify you if a change to the general terms and conditions has a negative effect on your deployment as a Stan emergency service provider. We recommend that you study the general terms and conditions on the website on a regular basis.

These general terms and conditions have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce.

Article 12: Deregistration

If you wish to cancel your registration, simply log in to your account, go to ‘edit profile’ and click on ‘delete account’. This will fully delete your account, including all the data that form a direct part of your account.

Article 13: Questions and comments

If you have any questions, complaints or comments, you can contact Stan via the contact form on our website, where you can also find our other contact details.