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Contact after resuscitation

Contact with all persons involved with the resuscitation

Experiencing a cardiac arrest situation or being involved with a resuscitation can be an impressive or even stressful event. Therefor good aftercare facilities are of vital importance to keep citizen responders up and running. It is conceivable that involved persons have questions afterwards. A meeting platform like HartslagSamen (translation: HeartbeatTogether) can contribute to the processing of what has taken place in a considerable way.

The HartslagSamen meeting platform is accessible for every person that was actually and demonstrably involved with a certain resuscitation. The system is technically designed to guarantee that only citizen responders who provided help, surviving relatives (or victims) as well as professional care providers can participate. This, of course with respect for their own privacy. 

To talk with other involved persons and exchange experiences and feelings, or get questions answered is very important. It keeps citizen responders employable for the system, contributes to general support by professional care providers and it helps to connect people .

For professional care providers for example it can be valuable to let citizen responders know how the collaboration was experienced. For a citizen responder on the other hand it can be vital to know whether he/she has provided good assistance and/or if the victim has survived. And for a surviving victim (or relative) at last, it can be important to express thanks.

Stan accepted the challenge of developing a facility that meets the needs of those involved with a resuscitation. 


Offer a solution for people who have questions after being involved with resuscitation.


Create a safe digital environment for having mutual contact after a resuscitation.


HartslagSamen is a fully integrated facility within the technical applications and aftercare process of HartslagNu.

1. Challenge

Stan performs the support, management and aftercare for HartslagNu. It was noticed that citizen responders as well as surviving victims (and/or relatives) approached HartslagNu to get questions answered about the resuscitation. Questions like: “Did the victim survive?” and “Who were the people that helped me or my loved one?”. 

HartslagNu asked us to come up with a solution that would fulfill the needs that were there. This solution had to be safe and fit within the framework of privacy legislation. This particular solution had to add extra value to an aftercare process which has existed since 2009.

2. Approach

Stan uses smart technology to create beautiful solutions that really make a difference. Therefor it was clear from the beginning that it had to be a technical solution or better: a digital environment accessible for people involved to certain resuscitations, ensured by registration based on a unique indicator for that particular alert. This ensures that only people who are really involved sign up to have mutual contact about the certain alert. And so HartslagSamen was created. 

To achieve the end result we handed the following method:

  1. Preliminary investigation: who are the target groups for this particular aftercare facility, which stakeholders are involved en what is the end target?
  2. Functional design: what software functionalities must be available? Wireframes (construction drawings of the software) for the digital environment are made at the drawing table. The various components of the software must be arranged chronologically and placed in a logical place, regardless of the graphic design the software eventually gets. This concerns for example the navigation of the menu, mapping of the software and content.  
  3. Technical design: from the functional design we proceeded to the technical design, which is a description of the technical specifications of the software. In other words: in what way is the functional design technically realised.
  4. Visual design: the graphic design forms the appearance of the end result.
  5. User test: in the technical solutions that we develop, the needs of our final users are always leading. Therefor and to optimise the end result we always test a prototype with several testing persons, before we launch a technical solution.
  6. Development: Based on the DTAP-method (Development, Testing, Acceptation, Production). By using the DTAP-method our software is fully tested and accepted in an environment that is similar to the production environment.
  7. Implementation within the regional ambulance services: HartslagSamen will be integrated within the regional ambulance services, as a result of which it will be easier to register for victims and professional care providers.

What does a user test mean?

A user test examens the usability and user experiences of HartslagSamen. The test persons perform some tasks with the product while sharing their thoughts and way of working, in the meantime asking questions about the product. This provided us with insights on what the target group is facing and why, to create the most pleasant user experience for the end user. After all, this ensures that people use it longer or return more often.

This is what a user test looks like:


3. The result

HartslagSamen is fully integrated within the alert system and its applications (app and dashboard). For a particular resuscitation citizen responders can easily sign up to HartslagSamen via either the app or dashboard. HartslagSamen adds extra distinctive value to the existing aftercare process of HartslagNu.


Sign up for HartslagSamen

Everyone involved in a certain resuscitation, can get in touch with other people involved. People who survived a cardiac arrest, citizen responders, relatives and friends of the victim, professional care providers and bystanders can sign up for HartslagSamen.


A safe, secure digital environment

As soon as someone has signed up for HartslagSamen an overview of other involved people that signed up for a certain resuscitation is shown. In this secure, digital environment it is at first only visible what role someone had during that particular resuscitation. So no name yet and others involved cannot find you in a different way.


From a contact request to chat

A contact request must be sent and if this is accepted you can chat with each other. After a contact request has been sent to someone, a confirmation with a link to the digital HartslagSamen environment will be sent by email.